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About Us

We are ALnowras Tourism Libyan tourism company which is located at the heart of the Libyan desert in Sabah. Founded in 2000. with our skilled team of Sahara . we operate, arrange and facilitate travelling and touring trips to the Libyan Sahara desert: Ergs, mountains, sand dunes, littoral, paintings, engravings and archaeological sites hold no secrets for us. We offer the following:

  • Tourists incoming.
  • Excursions.
  • Representation of tour operators.
  • Desert expedition by4WD vehicles in the great Sahara.
  • Visiting Libyan littoral exploring the historical and archaeological sites such as Phoenician, Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Barber and Arab sites, with experienced guide.
  • Scientific field trips.
  • Camel expeditions (Tuareg people ride and guide camels).
  • Folkloric festivals

ALnowras Tourism is well established touring company in Libya and enjoys excellent desert experience and the ability to run and manage any sort of travelling and accommodation. We are equipped with all necessary tools for the desert camping. we are so happy to work together, and hope to establish good business relationship with mutual benefits.

We offer Customized Tour Services to our customers. Our travel packages and tour plans are kept flexible such that they can be 'customized as per your requirements.

Customers can pick and choose from the desired destination profiles and travel itineraries and avail of the finest travel services at the most affordable rates.

Thank you for your care and cooperation.